Road Map of CEDECON

Road Map of CEDECON

The Road Map has been prepared with a view to improving the status of Central Department of Economics (CEDECON) by promoting academic and professional excellence especially in the field of teaching, research and publications. All faculty members are requested to play a significant role to make CEDECON a leading University Department. In this context, CEDECON would humbly request to all government agencies, private sector, donors, alumni, civil society and individuals provide their fullest cooperation for the successful implementation of the programs envisaged in the road map.



• CEDECON initiated supporting faculty members to improve quality of teaching activities with minimum essential logistics.
• Research outputs will be disseminated to the students. 
• Students securing highest marks in M. A. Economics have been provided opportunity for teaching at CEDECON on part-time basis depending on the need. 
• Scholars and experts are invited regularly to deliver guest lecture on various issues related to Nepalese economy.
• Necessary arrangements will continuously be made to improve the quality of M.A. Theses & Ph. D. Dissertation; 
• CEDECON will organize short-term seminar-cum-workshops on Research Methodology especially for faculty members and candidates initiating research leading to M. Phil. and Ph.D. 
• To develop the strength of the faculty, CEDECON will continue professional research project works on burning economic issues seeking cooperation from national and international funding agencies besides regular research grant from the department.
• The Department is organizing seminars, symposia and talk programs on current economic issues with the financial support by UGC and other institutions.
• Faculty members have been provided opportunities to participate in the national and international workshops/seminars/conferences.
• The publication of The Economic Journal of Nepal (EJN), a quarterly publication of CEDECON since 1977. 
• Website of CEDECON has been continuously be updated from 2006. The website address is: http://www.cedecontu.edu.np 
• Recently CEDECON published its maiden academic venture entitled Nepalese Economy: Towards Building a Strong Economic Nation-State and Department will adhere to the policy of encouraging faculty members to write text books and reference books useful to the students. 
• Department is exploring possibilities for establishing Center for Area Studies 
• CEDECON will continue Faculty Development & Faculty Exchange Program. 
• Exploring scholarship and developing programs for students’ academic welfare will be continuing.
• Expedite research activities by utilizing fund donated by Late Prof. Emeritus T. P. Chaudhuri and Late Mr. Achyut Nath Uprety. 
• Distinguished Chairs and Other Chairs will be managed approaching to Nepal Rastra Bank to continue the provision for Distinguished Chair. 
• CEDECON will design and implement the program for strengthening Departmental Library. CEDECON has the plan to move towards establishing e-library. 
• Data Bank and its networking will be established.
• Recommendations & schedule will be prepared for improving general as well as financial administration, physical facilities and logistic support. .
• Establishment of TU School of Economics (TUSE)) for improving quality of teaching, research and publications at par with international standard.
• Revised proposal will be submitted to the Governor of NRB for continuation of academic and professional collaboration between TU and NRB. 
• National & international organizations will be identified and requested for MoU on mutually agreed academic and professional programs and activities.